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Hello and welcome! If looking at something beautiful makes you happy, you’re at the right place. You don’t need to know a lot about art to admire it. We have all experienced an unexpected thrill when we come upon a pretty garden or stare at a scenic vista. At Shree Art Studio everyone has access to one of kind, original art pieces, no prints at Shree Art Studio. Her studio is located in Brooklin Ontario and Shree’s art is available worldwide via the Internet.

About Shree Bellur, The Artist

Shree Bellur is a self taught artist following her dreams to create art that speaks to you and has been painting since the age of 10. Her Indian heritage and love for bright and vibrant colors makes her art exceptional, her multilayered style giving it a three dimensional feel. Adept at using different materials like oil, cold wax, alcohol ink, acrylic and water color, Shree’s art manifests the simple things in Nature which make her smile.
There is no doubt Nature inspires her, and the beauty found in Nature is reflected in her art pieces.

“Creating art transports me to a place of beauty and peace, and that is strongly reflected in my creations.  My art compels people to take a deep breath, slow down and be one with their surroundings, creating  a positive and uplifting experience by being mindful and living in the present moment” – Shree

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Shree’s Volunteer Work

I strongly believe that volunteering and spending time for a cause one loves makes a well rounded human being and helps build better communities. Shree is a tireless grassroots organizer who helps create awareness about humane animal treatment. She has helped raise funds for the cause and educates the community to rescue and adopt homeless pets. She has donated art pieces for a silent auction. 100% of the proceeds went to The Animal Guardian Society, Durham Region of Toronto & Victoria Angel Registry of Hope public cord blood bank, Toronto. To read more about Shree’s nonprofit work and volunteer activities, go here.

Communications & Graphic Design

Shree Bellur’s artistic skills are augmented by her masters level education in Communication, Graphic Design and Literature. To read more about communications and graphic design services offered, go here.

Thanks for visiting us. If you have a question, write to dbellur@msn.com

Talk Soon!


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