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Art Workshops

Hello! Interested in learning new art techniques? If so,  you have found the right place to learn, apply & expand your creative skills. Creativity is a gift!  Some of us are aware of this inborn gift while others are ready to explore. Art helps relax ones mind, body & soul. Yes, you have found the right place to explore the CreaTive You. Come create colourful magic on paper or canvas!

An hour workshop $45 (watercolours, acrylic, alcohol ink or oil). 2 hour workshop is discounted at $80. Students to purchase the materials separately, list provided.

Thanks for visiting us. If you are interested in learning art techniques in watercolours, acrylic, alcohol ink or oil, write to shree.bellur [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Looking forward to honing your creative skills!

Artist Shree.