Shree Bellur’s Community Involvement

I strongly believe that volunteering and spending time for a cause one loves makes a well rounded human being and helps build better communities.

“I truly love this quote by Anatole France:”Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

My passion and love for animals has motivated me to be a grassroots organizer who helps create awareness about humane animal treatment.
My husband & I have been proud owners of 3 dogs, my dogs have showered me unconditional love, affection, loyalty and compassion EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Part of my art sale proceeds go to the The Animal Guardian Society
-It doesn’t cost a lot to help a cause you love. Shree 

Volunteer Effort:
Grant Coordinator at The Animal Guardian Society (TAGS)
Volunteered for Scouts Canada Communications Committee, Toronto
Volunteered at the Ithaca Humane Society, NY

Art Donations:
The Animal Guardian Society (TAGS)-Donated 6 art pieces for the silent auction, all proceeds donated to TAGS.
Victoria Angel Registry of Hope public cord blood bank– Donated 2 art pieces for the silent auction, all proceeds donated to VAR.