Cold Wax Oil Paintings

These art creations are Impressionist in style and are made with cold wax by mixing oil paint to it. Cold wax medium is basically beeswax mixed with a small amount of solvent and resin, which forms a soft paste. All my paintings are created  on gallery style wooden panels which are ready for display. I use palette knives for these art pieces and then mix in oil paint,  powdered pigment or charcoal to create the color, transparency I need. To create the textures I use a mix and match of tools such as squeegees, trowels, cabinet scrapers, painting knives, icing spreaders, brayers and rollers, and a number of Catalyst silicone bladed painting tools. Other items such as newsprints, plastic wraps,  egg shells, jute cloth are also used for texturing.

Tranquillity Series

“Quiet the mind and the soul will speak”-Gautam Buddha.
This art series is all about finding peace within us….

Abstracts: New beginnings & Impermanence

This series is about finding positiveness and new beginnings in life, knowing that nothing is permanent.