Red Cardinal

“I love this piece, it’s very minimalistic. The use of the bright colours are absolutely stunning. Keep up the great work!”-Peter.

“Wow! Shree’s work is absolutely beautiful. Her use of vibrant colours and imagery truly draw you into her work. The picture on the website does not convey the true beauty that you will experience seeing it firsthand. Received all 3 art prices sooner than expected”.-Maria.

“I have purchased 2 framed paintings –Yellow Finch and Fall Colours from this very talented and emerging artist.
Visually expressive with vivid coloring techniques, Shree’s paintings evoke an ethereal and delicate art form. She takes timeless, natural objects and paints them in a stirring, contemporary manner.
It was interesting to read that Shree is a self-taught artist who creates original work of art, no copies. A refreshing change in our world of mass production” -Gillian.

“Art is a very personal experience. For me, one of my main criteria is that it invokes feelings of pleasure. I have two original pieces from her collection in my home and I continue to experience this feeling each time I view them. It is evident that Shree can find beauty around her and interpret it in her own style”.- Phyllis


Sea world 

“At first glance, I was captivated by your work and the more I looked at it …the more I felt at peace and couldn’t help but smile. There is a certain mystique in your work and the use of colour and patterns is brilliant …it causes the work to come alive.

I suspect you are passionate about painting and this brings you joy …rest assured that your artwork also brings me joy and peace and I suspect anyone who sees your artwork will also be left with that feeling.

Thank you for bringing some peace and joy into my life” …Donna