Unique art work on tile for sale!

Art on tile, each tile design is unique and creatively handcrafted.
These tiles are designed using ink (acrylic, watercolor, alcohol and resin).
Buy a set of 2 tiles of your choice size include 6×6 inches & 3×6 inches for $25. It set also includes a stand & a gift bag. A perfect unique Christmas, birthday or make it a gift for any occasion.

Tiles of the following sizes are sold for $20 each which includes a stand & a gift bag.
12×3 inches
15×3 inches

Special requests are welcome!

Ink-art-12 Ink-Art-7 Ink-art-4 Ink-art-11 Ink-art-6 Ink-art-10 Ink-art-3 Ink2 Ink-Art-1 Ink-art-8 Ink-Art-9 ink-art-5 Ink-art-13

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